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Too many coaches!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Are there too many coaches?

Surely, you have a friend or a colleague or an acquaintance who has changed careers and is now a coach. Coaches seem to pop up everywhere, and the story too often sounds too similar,

"I have been through difficult times and did some soul searching myself. I decided I want to do something meaningful with my life and my career, I want to help people."

Coaching has been around for a long time, but in recent years it is a booming industry. However, the booming part seems to be the training coaches part, rather than the actual coaching as a service part. In other words, it seems that there are more coaches than coachees.

According to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) there were approximately 58,800 coach practitioners globally in 2019 vs 47,500 in 2012, a 23% increase and those are just the certified coach practitioners. Since coaching is an unregulated industry, anyone can say they are a coach, without having any kind of proper training or credentials!

As an industry, coaching currently accounts for almost 10% of the global personal development industry, and is estimated to grow by 6,7% to reach $1.34 billion in the next years.

There is a reason why coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world, following IT.

There is a clear need for it!

We live in a world that is quite toxic. We have created wonderful things as a species, but it has come at a cost in many different aspects, all of which are interconnected. One of them is that people increasingly feel that there is something out of place with their lives. Without having some kind of mental illness, they just feel overwhelmed, or empty, or lost. Others might feel that everyone else seems to be moving faster and they are struggling to catch up. Whatever the case, people increasingly need help to live a better life, to make the changes they want and to achieve their goals.

In a world where knowledge is just a click away and unlearning is evolving as a key skill for the future, it is no longer an issue to learn new things. What is important is to make sense of it all, to understand how you can grow and thrive towards a meaningful life.

We need many coaches

The reality is that we need many coaches, simply because there are many people out there that need help. Coaching happens and it is based on a relationship that develops between two people that is build on trust. It cannot be done by a computer, or AI, or in stadiums with loud music and a charismatic speaker. It happens between two people.

So no, we don't have too many coaches. In the same way that we don't have too many books.

However! Not all books are good, right?

Well, not all coaches are good either!

Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash

So, before you dismiss coaching as a fab you need to know that it is an unregulated booming industry, this means that a lot of people will want to join in and ride the growth wave. The challenge will be to search and find he right coach for you.

Each coach has their own story to tell, and the fact that many people are choosing a profession that is focused on helping others is positive step towards building a better business world and a better society.

Now choosing the right coach? That's a whole different blog post! 😊

What do you think? Do we have too many coaches?

Cover photo Photo by Andrew Wulf on Unsplash



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